It began with a shipwreck upon the island of Smuggler’s Shiv.

The Sargavan merchant vessel Jenivere, captained by Captain Kovack, was one of many that make the yearly voyage along the western coasts of Avistan and northern Garund. Its trade route ran from all the way up to Magnimar in Varisia to the Sargavan capital city of Eleder, before somehow making a trip to Osirion. The trip was thousands of miles long and took just over a hundred days one way. This was the second such trip for crewman Chordata. Yet despite its length and sometimes dangerous peril, it was also a trip filled with opportunity for profit. The Jenivere’s ports of call included (from north to south) Magnimar, Kintargo, Pezzack, Corentyn, Ilizmagorti, Ollo, Quent, Port Peril, Bloodcove, Senghor, and finally Eleder. It was at Ollo that most of our troupe boarded the ship. Alazar Razor, Leona “Lyn”, Isnadyl Silkeng, & Zeke Crowe commissioned passage to Osirion via the Jenivere.

One of the Jenivere’s passengers appeared to be a plain-looking Varisian scholar named Ieana. Although friendly enough, Ieana mostly kept to herself, and whispers among the crew variously claimed that she was really a Chelish agent, the actual owner of the Jenivere, or even Captain Alizandru Kovack’s secret lover. None of these were true, but Ieana is indeed far more than she appeared – she was in fact a disguised serpentfolk cleric of Ydersius named Yolanda.

Due to Yolanda’s interference, the Jenivere was wrecked on the northern coast of Smuggler’s Shiv, a island notorious for it’s wraiths, ghosts, ghouls, and shipwrecks.

Quest for Rule